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Sunday Bantering: Facebook and Rules.

A few housekeeping things this morning:

  • On the right side bar there is a widget making it easy for you to 'like' us on Facebook. Now I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of Facebook, it seems like a giant time waster to me. But SB Nation figures it it is a great, free way to advertise for us. They figure, if you are on Facebook and you are a fan of the Blue Jays and Bluebird Banter, you should have friends that also are fans of the Jays and might enjoy our site. Let's face it, if your friends are Yankees fans, it is time to find new friends. So if you 'like' us on Facebook, your friends will see it and they might come check us out.
  • You can also 'like' any story or fanpost or fanshot that you want to, by using the 'like' button that sits at the bottom of the story. SB would like to see us keep growing and would like your help in doing that.
  • Also, if you Twitter, there is a button at the bottom of each story that can make it easy for you to rethwip that story to your Twitter account, once again giving us free advertising, which is our favorite type of advertising.
  • I updated our prospects list on the left sidebar and added a bit to our 'definition' widget on our right sidebar, at the suggestion of Hess2479. If there is anything else you would like to see defined there, send me a note.
  • We've added a bunch of new members in the last little while, so I thought I should call attention to our Rules and Guidelines. I've put a link to the rules on the left side bar. Basically the rules revolve aroudn the idea that this is our living room, don't say anything you wouldn't say there. If you cross the line, expect a warning or a banning. If you get a warning or a banning, don't write me telling me that you didn't do anything wrong, I'm not going to debate the rules. It isn't a free speech issue. Yes we don't allow George Carlin's 7 words. If you can't express yourself without those words, this isn't the place for you. There are other Jay sites that won't mind. It always amazes me when someone gets banned and figures the way to get unbanned is to be insulting to us.