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Bluebird Links and Greinke Reaction

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Doug Melvin seams to like working on Sundays, as he has now aquired both Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum on Sundays the past few weeks.  This was the big (only?) notable news from the weekend, and already, the inevitable comparison to the package the Jays received when they traded Halladay has appeared.  

This is from Mark Hulet at FanGraphs:

Neither deal was a great haul for the team receiving prospects back and the Milwaukee package edges Toronto’s because there is one more prospect headed to the Brewers and both Escobar and Cain have MLB experience… although Toronto received the prospect (Drabek) with the highest ceiling out of all the young players that changed hands.

I don't know, I thought the Jays got a pretty good haul from the Phillies.  I don't think getting one more (troubled) prospect makes the Greinke haul better.  At worst I call it a draw, but I think the upside the Jays get from all 3 prospects trumps KC's return.

This is from Jerry Crasnick at ESPN:

the best recent haul for an elite starting pitcher was garnered by the Toronto Blue Jays, who sent Roy Halladay to Philadelphia last December in exchange...

I think the Jays got a pretty good haul for Halladay considering that AA's back was against the wall, but I'm not really that impressed with the group that Greinke got KC.  Also, I'm not sure what the hurry was.  Was this really the only offer out there?  Were teams like the Yankees, Angels, Rangers, Nationals and Jays not interested at all?  Why not sit on this deal for a few weeks and try to drive up other teams prices?  

A couple of weeks ago, KC was apparently demanding that both Kyle Drabek and Travis Snider be PART of a deal for Greinke, probably including other prospects.  The actual haul includes SS Alcides Escobar, CF Lorenzo Cain, P Jake Odorizzi and P Jeremy Jeffress.  Joe Posnanski breaks down the haul, here.  My take:

  • Escobar is a good fielding, speedy SS but there are questions regarding his bat.  Sounds a bit like our Esocbar maybe?  Or Hechavarria but further along the development path?
  • Cain sounds like a light hitting, toolsy centre fielder.  No power, average plate discipline and injury plagued.  At 24, he's probably ready for the bigs, but he's no Snider and sounds like a more advanced version of our toolsy minor league CF's.
  • Odorizzi only pitched in A ball this year.  At 20 years old, he has a long way to go and, according to Posnanski, only projects as a middle of the rotation type pitcher.  No way he compares to Drabek for now.
  • Jeffress has a great arm, but only throws 2 pitches, has command issues, and has off-field issues with two positive marijauna tests.  One more positive test and he is banned from the MLB for life.

Maybe I'm overvaluing Jays prospects, however in my opinion, this isn't even close to a package starting at Snider and Drabek.  What does everyone else think?  Links after the jump, including two Jays related Roster moves from the weekend.

Jays Links

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The 5th starter: A Toronto Blue Jays Blog: Advanced Media: Who Knew?
According to The 5th Starter, the Jays have required Bautista to shut down his Twitter account, due to comments he made regarding not trading Snider or Drabek.

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