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Poll Time: Octavio Dotel

Since my mind is on holiday schedule, there isn't anything I really want to talk about this morning. Glad my body is going to be following my mind pretty soon. We are off to Mexico on the 28th. I can't wait to be warm again.

About the only real news in the baseball world, is that the idiot that killed Nick Adenhart and his friends got sentenced to 51 years in prison. Nothing could be enough punishment really.

The only real Blue Jay rumor is that the team is 'interested' in Octavio Dotel. Dotel has had a pretty good 12 year career, but he is 37 now. He has 105 career saves and had 22 last year. He also walked a batter every 2 innings, but did strike out 10.5/9.

I'll admit I'm not one that thinks that experience at closer is all that important, but then we could always use another good arm in the pen. I just don't think Dotel is that good an arm anymore.