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Bluebird Links and Another Player Poll

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Based on Tom's last few posts, another player poll. The Drunks make the case for...Felipe Lopez, here. He'd be a nothing signing really, but if you could sign him to an E.E. type deal, why not?

The Jays could use another guy who hits left

Well, yeah. Not the best argument since half the guys on the team hit right handers better than lefties. Still, Lopez is a switch hitter so that's good.

They could use a guy who can either play second or third-- Lopez does both.

This is key. If Lawrie isn't ready to play this year, we have a hole at one of these spots. Instead of moving Bautista to 3rd, why not take a flier on a guy like Lopez? He'd be cheap at probably less than $3M.

They could use a guy who, if Davis becomes the fourth outfielder, can leadoff

It would be nice to have another guy that could get on base in front of the power bats. Good points by the Drunks I think. Lopez was pathetic last year, however, he also had a terrible BABIP that was much lower than his career rate. Bill James has him at a .270/.344/.391 line for 2011. That OBA is better than all but one 2010 Blue Jay so that would be welcome at the top of the order.

Then there's the attitude questions. I don't know much, but apparently he was pretty much run out of the Cardinal's locker room at the end of the season. They released him even though he was a Type B. Guess the comp. pick wasn't worthwhile for them. In the last three years, he's played for six teams so maybe that speaks to the attitude problems as well. I think if he could be had for cheap, pick him up as insurance. He's versatile (can play 2nd, 3rd...even outfield in a pinch). Worse comes to worse, Lawrie is ready and the Jays have a worthwhile utility player for a year.

Links after the Jump. Have a safe and happy holidays everyone! My next post will probably be Wednesday maybe depending on how much is happening next week.

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