Where are they now: Don Wakamatsu


The Seattle Times catches up with former Mariners manager Don Wakamtsu. One tidbit that interested me is how Wakamatsu describes the Jays being after him as a coach as soon as he fell out of contention for the managerial gig. While I know that new 1B coach Torey Lovullo is closest to new manager John Farrell, I kind of had the impression that new bench coach Wakamatsu was another of his picks rather than a Jays management pick. It probably overstates things to say a coach was a pick of either the manager's or the team's, as presumably the choices are made together. Nevertheless, it seems like Lovuloo is the only one of the coaches that we can really say would have been suggested by Farrell. Don't think it's a problem or anything, just observing.