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Monday Bantering

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I'm off on a much wanted break from the cold tomorrow. 7 days in Huatalco, Mexico. I'm imagining there will be little t internet access, so I won't be around much, but the other members of our little band will be here for you dinning and dancing pleasure. Last time I was in Mexico I got to judge a bikini contest, so with luck I'll have totally forgotten about this place by this time Wednesday.

Little bits of Jay type news:

  • We may have jumped the gun a bit on the Octavio Dotel signing. It still may happen but I should know better than to believe just one report. 
  • MLB Trade Rumors discusses potential landing places for Manny Ramirez. About the Jays they say: 

The Jays committed $2.5MM to Edwin Encarnacion as a cheap DH candidate, so despite Manny's affinity for John Farrell and Toronto they are probably set.

    I don't know, I don't see EE's contract being something that blocks Manny from the Jays. $2.5 million is not a lot of money for a platoon 1B/pinch hitter/backup at 3B. I still believe that someone with Manny's work ethic and knowledge as a hitter would be a good example for our young players. And having someone that could show them that taking a walk isn't a bad thing would be ok too. 
    They also mention Jim Thome, Valdy and Johnny Damon are still available for any team that wants a DH. I figured Thome would be going back to the Twins, but maybe not. Even trying to ignore a personal dislike for Johnny Damon, I still can't see any value in signing him. He did have good numbers in the new Yankee Stadium but, other than that, he seems to be declining. 
  • Brandon Webb signed with the Rangers. $3 million seems like a good deal for the Rangers, even coming off shoulder surgery.
  • Jeff Blair shares his Hall of Fame ballot with us. I totally disagree with him picking McGwire. In my mind there is a difference between the guys that used but would have been good anyway and the guys that used to become stars. Without PED McGwire wouldn't even be in the conversation about the Hall. 

Blair says one other thing I hate:

I have also come to the conclusion that focusing on players I have actually seen play since starting to cover baseball in 1989 is a way around much of the hokum that dominates the process.

I hate when individual writers make up their own rules for voting. Under the rules the Hall has, Bert Blyleven should be considered, but Blair figures he should be allowed to make up his own rules and possibly cost a deserving player a plaque. If writers can't use the rules that the Hall has they shouldn't get to vote. 

  • Totally off topic, but the National Post ranks my Flames the 5th worst team in the NHL, which really shows how awful the NHL is, if there could be 4 teams worse than that pathetic squad Darryl Sutter has put together. I can't imagine what Darryl would have to do to get fired.