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If I Said I'd Lost My Way, Would You Sympathize?

Hi everyone.  Now that Tom has traveled from America's hat to America's beard (just kidding, I don't really think of my fellow North Americans in the context of adornments on an anthropomorphized United States' head) I suddenly find myself with no Jays news, no ideas of stuff about which to write, and no time in which to write it (you'd think this would be a slow week at work, but it's been anything but).  But in case you all have more time on your hands, and more inspiration than I, use this thread to discuss what's on your mind. 

Still no word on Octavio Dotel and the reported possible deal  $3.5 million range (as tweetored by Ken Rosenthal). 

I did think this bit on Manny Ramirez was interesting - if 'Duk is right there really aren't many teams that would be interested - which explains why no one has jumped on a deal yet.  But he also projects a possible deal in the $5 million range.  If Manny ends up signing for that much and it's not with the Jays (and they don't upgrade in another way) I will not be happy at all.  Edwin Encarnacion is a useful player back on an affordable deal, but isn't likely to provide ideal production in an everyday DH role.  Manny, on the other hand, managed solid numbers (including a better than .400 OBP) in even a down year).  If the deal is in that range, and is only for one year (as it surely would be at that price, perhaps with a substantially larger club option), the deal does nothing to hurt the Jays' short-, medium-, or long-term finances.  No, it's not trading for Ichiro, which of course would make me happier than a shonen with curry in his bento and Bleach in his Randoseru, but it's still sort of a no-brainer unless you are hung-up about off-the-field issues. 

Looks like talks between the Milwaukee Brewers and southpaw Chris Capuano have broken down.  With Milwaukee's revamped rotation, there wasn't room for him in their plans as a starter and he apparently doesn't want to relieve.  I wouldn't mind seeing the Jays take a shot at him, and he might enjoy a chance to play a lot of games in the Northeast, where he grew up.  He's never been a hard thrower and his velocity is supposedly back to where it was before his most recent elbow surgery (just high-80s).  Wait, a changeup specialist with a high 80s fastball, higher-than-average home run rates, solid control, and coming off TJ?  That can't sound too unfamiliar to the Jays, and I wouldn't mind having another arm to push our younger starters.  That, and I'm not optimistic enough to think the Jays' pitchers make it through another season as relatively unscathed as they did in 2010. 

I loved this Rocco Baldelli twoot

assembling a roster- like assembling an art collection. tycoons go to christie's with blank checks. all else go to quaint little art shops.

Too true. 

Any free agents, or trade targets out there you would like to see the Jays take a shot at?  Or anything else on your minds on this Tuesday afternoon, B^3 faithful?  If AA calls it an offseason, is it a disappointment or would you be happy with what the team has done? 

Today's title from "Rescue" by Echo and the Bunnymen.  

Oh, and if Tom is complaining about the Flames, try being an Islanders fan.  Bleak.