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Bluebird Links - Wednesday Morning Addition

A quick link post from me today as I'm enjoying some time off.  Use this like an open thread to discuss whatever's on your mind.  Add any links in the comments and I will add them to the post.

Jays Links

Top 50 Jays Prospects, Jays Journal Edition: #37 Alan Farina (With Video) | Jays Journal
Number 37 on their prospect list, and their highest ranked reliever.

Linkin’ Ballpark: The Vomit In My Mouth Edition | Blog Archive | Getting Blanked | Blogs |
Parkes isn't so fond of the Dotel signing.

The Southpaw: Forget What I Said
Making the case for Purcey in the closer role.

The 5th starter: A Toronto Blue Jays Blog: Where do "Championship Closers Come From?"
Some potential closers from within the organization? I'd love to see McGowan make a comeback. I think Purcey could be a fit too. Any others you'd like to see from within the Jays organization?

Reasons to Bring Brian Fuentes to Toronto | Jays Journal | A Toronto Blue Jays Blog
Mat Germain makes the case for Brian Fuentes. Sounds good - what do you think?

The Alex Anthopolous Effect | Jays Journal | A Toronto Blue Jays Blog
And here he's writing about the team minor ranking.

Around the League

Joe Posnanski " Posts Hall of Fame Week "
Posnanski blogs about why he would prefer a big hall of fame.  An interesting bit near the start where he goes through the amount of players that are in the Hall from each decade.

Show Me the $! End-of-Year Payrolls | FanGraphs Baseball
The Jays sit middle of the pack of end of year salaries.

The Ten Best Tater Trots of 2010 | Tater Trot Tracker
The top 10 homerun trots of the year. Bautista makes the list at #8.