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It Just Got That Much Harder

Remember how tough the AL East was yesterday. Well, it got worse this morning. The Red Sox traded for Adrian Gonzalez, pending physicals and Boston being able to get Gonzalez to agree on a contract extension. Going to the Padres will be Casey Kelly (who you likely remember from the Roy Halladay rumors a year ago, he is their top pitching prospect), Anthony Rizzo (a pretty good, but not great first base prospect), Reymond Fuentes (a 19 year old CF prospect) and someone to be named, likely someone that is available in the rule 5 draft. If I was the Padres I'd have held out for Jose Iglesias as well.

Gonzalez is an amazing player, last year he hit .298/.393/.511 with 31 home runs in PETCO Field. What he will do in Fenway is anyone's guess. It also gives the Red Sox an infield that could compete with the Yankee's infield for the best in baseball. Gonzalex, Pedroia, Lowie and Youkilis could get to 100 home runs between them.

Who wanted it to be easy anyway?