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Blue Jay Trade Rumor of the Day: Zack Greinke

Bob Elliot has a story up telling us that the Jays are after Zack Greinke. With the Winter Meetings starting in Florida Monday, the rumors should be running hot and heavy over the next few days. I like this line from Bob's story (we are tight, I can call him that, as long as, you know, he doesn't read this):

We're hearing from baseball people that the Jays think they need "one more big piece" to make a run at the American League East title next season.

I'm not sure that 'one more big piece' is quite enough, but one big piece and a couple of minor pieces to fill in and I think we have something. At very least, I like the idea that we are actively trying to put together a team that can compete. 

Here are Greinke's career numbers. I'd love to get him. He is just 27 next year and has been great. But I'm not sure I like this suggested deal:

Jays showing most interest in Zach Greinke. Would Kyle Drabek, Travis Snider plus prospects get it done?

I'd really like not to be giving up Snider. But Drabek and a prospect or two would work for me.