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Baby We Could Talk All Night: Winter Meetings Preview

You know how they say 'you learn something everyday'? I never thought I could like a Meatloaf song, but I came across this video of Jamey Johnson video this morning. I don't know how I missed this guy, I was a big fan of Waylon Jennings, Johnson seems to have picked up his spirit. Shows I'm not paying attention. 

Anyway, the Winter Meetings start tomorrow, so if you thought there were a lot of Blue Jay rumors the last few weeks, this week we'll be up to our armpits in rumors. So we'll be talking about them all here and then Alex will sign a guy or make a trade that no one even considered. 

Yesterday's Zack Greinke rumor was just a warm up. The more I think about giving up Travis Snider, the less I like it. It is really rare for a 22 year hold to hold his own in the majors. Considering he hit 14 home runs in 82 games, I think we are getting some idea of what he could do with a full season. I'm hoping this year he's a little healthier and has a manager that believes in him enough to just keep putting him in the lineup. 

And if we give up Travis Snider it opens another hole in our lineup, unless we want an outfield of Davis, Wells and Bautista we would have to find another outfielder somewhere, unless you think Eric Thames is ready to leap AAA and jump in the lineup. If you pick up Greinke, it means we are thinking we can compete this year, which I like, but we can't compete this year with a hole in left field. Trading Snider for Greinke seems like one step forward and one step back. 

The other half to it is that if we are willing to give up prospects to get Greinke, why aren't we willing to sign Type A free agents? Yeah we'd lose a draft pick, but draft picks are just future prospects. If you are willing to give up 2 or 3 prospects in the hand, why wouldn't you be willing to give up 1 prospect in the bush?

Starting pitching really isn't our biggest worry so I don't see making a trade for a pitcher unless it is a very talented one like Greinke. The bigger needs are at third base and DH/1B, not that I that he has to pick them up this week but I'm sure he'll be trying to get a few things started. Another arm in the bullpen wouldn't be bad either, if it came cheaply enough. 

It should be a fun week, so if you hear a good rumor, be sure to share it with us. This off season has been so much better than the last couple.