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Hall of Fame Ballot: Edgar Martinez

Skipping Al Leiter, who had a nice career but nothing like a Hall of Fame career. I could never like him after leaving the Jays, when the Jays had stuck with him for a bunch of injury filled seasons.

So next up is Edgar Martinez. The term 'professional hitter' was coined for Edgar. He was just a terrific hitter, finishing with a .312/.418/.515 slash line, with 309 home runs, 514 doubles, 2247 hits and 1261 RBI after 18 seasons all with the Seattle Mariners. His full stats are here.

He made the All-Star team 7 times, was Silver Slugger 5 times. 35th on the all time list for OPS. 43rd in doubles and walks.

The knock on him is that he was a DH for about half his career. He played third base the other half of his career, but he wasn't very good there, he was just a born hitter.

It is his second time on the ballot, last year he got 36.2% of the vote.