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Bluebird Links - The Winter Meetings are Upon Us

Well, the winter meetings look to start off with a bang as AA (apparently) has a deal in the works to deal Shaun Michael Marcum to the Brewers for AA prospect Brett Lawrie (using Marcum's full name reminds me of Will Farrell's character in Blades of Glory).  Looks like another example of the "asset collector" working his magic. 

According to some chatter around the web this morning (Bob Elliott for example), lots of folk around think this is only a lead in to the inevitable Geinke trade, but I think it's the opposite.  If so, wouldn't the Jays just look to package Marcum in a deal for Zack Geinke?  I don't see this trade happening, and I don't think that's a bad thing either.  Is Greinke worth a package reportedly including Kyle Drabek, Travis Snider and others?  That's a lot to give up for a pitcher that has had one fantastic season, two good seasons, and a bunch of average seasons.  I think the asking price is too high, and I don't think AA takes away from the core he's building to bring in Greinke.  Of course, I've been wrong many many times before.

Marcum, for those that are curious, has a 37-25 record in 120 games (95 games started) for the Jays.  He sits 20th in career WAR at 7.4 (between Esteban Loaiza and Al Leiter), 14th in starts, tied for 16th in Wins and 16th in K's.  All numbers from FanGraphs.

It should be an exciting week, and at the very least, the Jays will be linked to lots of players - apparently players that they're interested in, and players that they're not interested in.  According to this interview, AA is surprised by the amount of times the Jays have been linked to players they've shown no interest in.  So, what does everyone think happens this week?  Is anyone expecting more big moves, some minor roster tweaks, or nothing at all?  Is Greinke a Jay by the end of the week? 

Onto the links!

Trade Reaction

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Why the Brewers made this deal.

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Wilner looks at the trade from Orlando. 

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Another look at yesterdays trade.

The 5th starter -A Toronto Blue Jays Blog: What The Jays Got for Marcum:
A look at prospect Brett Lawrie

Other Jays Links

The Southpaw: As the winter games begin...
A look at the Jays payroll for the upcoming season prior to the winter meetings.

The 5th starter -A Toronto Blue Jays Blog: The Anti-Prospect GM: Kenny Williams
The 5th starter takes a look at the alter-ego of Alex Anthopolous, and why the 'anti-draft plan' works.

When We Learn Something About a Prospect | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs wonders if there is something that we don't know about J.P. Arencibia

Non-Tendered Player Watch | Jays Journal | A Toronto Blue Jays Blog
Jared Macdonald takes a look at some non-tendered relievers in a 3 part series.  Part I is here, and part II is here.

Braves 2010 Season In Review: Yunel Escobar and Alex Gonzalez - Talking Chop
Braves 2010 Season In Review: Yunel Escobar and Alex Gonzalez

Around the League

Yankees GM Brian Cashman in thrill-seeking stunt - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
I think I like this guy. Sounds like fun!

The Inexplicable Non-Tender | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs uses the good old 'Player A, Player B' comparison to take a look at the top free agent reliever, and a recently non-tendered reliever.

Joe Posnanski " Posts The Greatest Player Not in the Hall "
A blog about Ron Santo, the Greatest Player not in the Hall of Fame.

Kelly: Jeter as important to Yanks as Mona Lisa is to Louvre -
Cathal Kelly thinks the Yankees house falls apart without Jeter. I think it's a little dramatic.

When Bill James comes to town... and Bob Costas tells a cool story.
An article about the panel discussion on "the Future of Sports", including Bill James, Bob Costas, Joe Posnanski and Gerald Early.  Good read.

The Descriptive Hall of Fame Ballot: 2010 | Other

Rule 5 Draft has history of uncovering gems | News
Rule 5 sucess stories.  The Rule 5 draft is Thursday this week.