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Bluebird Links - Winter Meetings Day 2 Open Thread

Lots of rumours floating around since yesterday so I thought I'd throw up another link post.  Does anyone think the Jays make any more moves today?  How about the persistent Zack Greinke rumours?  They just won't go away.  How about that Fielder rumour that was floating around yesterday - I expected him to go for a lot more than James Loney and Jonathon Broxton.  If that's all the Brewers want, I'd make that deal in a heartbeat.  Also, some more trade reaction and a good write up by Wilner from yesterday's meetings.

Random side note - I bought Home Alone (aka, the greatest Christmas movie ever) yesterday for a whopping $6.  Very excited to throw that on sometime soon.  What is everybody's favorite holiday movie?

Have at it in the comments - if you have any Winter Meeting links, post them in the comments and I will add them to the post.

Jays Talk

FAN590 - Blogs - Miked Up " Blog Archive " An Awfully Busy Day One
A good post from Wilner. Breaks down a media session with Farrell, and the press conference with Anthopoulos and Doug Melvin. Some interesting tid-bits in here.

Jays just trying to keep up to others in AL East | Baseball | Sports | Toronto Sun
Jays pricing Rafael Soriano, Jon Rauch, Bobby Jenks, Mike Fuentes and Octavio Dotel? Which one would you like to see closing for the Jays?

Russell Martin Suitors: MLB Rumors -
Sounds like the Jays aren't looking too hard at Russell Martin.

Twitter / Jon Morosi: #BlueJays have checked in ...
According to Jon Morosi, the Jays have checked in on Ty Wigginton.  Apparently not too hard, since he just signed with the Rockies.  2 years/$7.5M - Wow, they can have him!

Other MLB Rumours

Boston Interested In Downs, Guerrier, Not Balfour: MLB Rumors
Boston interested in Downs? I'm hoping a non-division rival ends up with Downs.

You want Cliff Lee? Make your 7-year pitch - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
7 years for Lee? I'm betting San Francisco won't be offering that.

A's end efforts to sign Japan pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma - MLB -
Iwakuma headed back to Japan. He wanted a package comparable to Zito's 7 year/$126M, and the A's reportedly offered a 4 year/$15.25M deal. Just slightly apart...

Indians, Tigers, Mets, Others Interested In Lewis: MLB Rumors
Fred Lewis drawing some interest.

Prince Fielder Rumors: Monday: MLB Rumors -
Prince Fielder for James Loney and Jonathan Broxton? Sounds like this rumor has already been shot down, but I expected Fielder would cost more.

Mets sign pair to Minor League deals | News
Mets sign Russ Adams to Minor League contract

More Trade Reaction

Prospect breakdown: Brett Lawrie | News
Jonathan Mayo takes a look at Brett Lawrie (pronunced 'Lor-ie' for those that are wondering)

1 Blue Jays Way : Toronto Blue Jays Blog: Yet Another Blockbuster!
Breaking down the Lawrie trade.

The Marcum Trade from Toronto’s Perspective | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs looks at the trade from Toronto's perspective. They had an article yesterday from Milwaukee's perspective.

Marcum surprised by trade from Blue Jays | News
"It kind of caught me off-guard," Marcum said of the news Sunday that he'd been traded. "It was more of a phone call than a formal offer, just to see if we were interested, and two days later, the trade happened."