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Everyone put on your party hats: Bluebird Banter is 5 today!

Five years ago today Bluebird Banter got its start. I guess that makes us about ready for Kindergarden Kindergarten. It does seem like we have the same sort of rules as Kindergarten: share, play nicely, don't yell, don't use bad words and everyone should have an afternoon nap. That last more is more a wish than a rule.

The first post was a breakdown of the recent, trade for Lyle Overbay. The post was positive about getting Lyle and the poll showed that most of the members thought it was a good deal too. It seems like the biggest worry was giving up Zack Jackson. He was back in the Jay's system last year. Obviously the trade itself was a success. The team has been less of a success the past five years.

Hugo joined up in the next spring, I was going to search down his first post but I'm sure it was great like all his posts. I came along two and a half years ago or so, because someone has to jump into the ridiculous arguments. We should have a poll, one day, on what was the dumbest argument ever on here. The pros and cons of spitting on people jumps to mind. Maybe the one on whether there are any French speaking people in Alberta. Course Hugo's been in the odd silly one too: the effects of cheerleaders on attendance at MLB games was one of my favorites. Or whether having high draft picks was a good or bad thing. I loved that one. I'm sure I'm forgetting some good ones. Seems to me that Jessef had a fun one on bunting a couple of years back.  

Things just keep getting better around here. Getting Jessef in was a great idea, that I'm going to claim was mine. Johnny was great getting up the game threads this year and wielding the ban hammer. It seems like the stupid arguments don't go one as long anymore. And we are really lucky that Masterkembo volunteered  to do links posts. 

Five years in and we have our best day for visits ever yesterday. All it takes is trading a great starter. Will miss you Shaun.