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Bluebird Links - Winter Meetings Day 3 Open Thread

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It was a fairly quiet day in Blue Jays land yesterday, which allowed everyone to step back and catch their breath.  There are quite a few good articles though, so take a look at those (I am really enjoying the Wilner pieces from the winter meetings).

The Rule 5 draft is tomorrow and apparently, there's some talent available in this years draft.  Should be interesting to see if the Jays take a flier on anyone this year.  I could see them looking at players from any position with their openings. 

Historically, the Jays have taken 19 players in the Rule 5 draft that have played for the team.  A few, such as last years Zech Zinicola pick, have been returned prior to the start of the season.  Of those 19 players previously selected, the Jays have hit homeruns on three of them:  George Bell (1980 from Philadelphia), Kelly Gruber (1983 from Cleveland), and Willie Upshaw (1977 from the Yankees).  Those three all played 9 years in Jays uniforms and were all on the team for the Jays first playoff run.  They combined for 3159 games, 3076 H, 428 HR and 1652 RBI and a total of 55.1 WAR (fangraphs methodology).

Other useful players selected include Jim Gott (1981), Jim Acker (1982) and Manuel Lee (1984).  Also of note, the Jays select DeWayne Wise in 1999, for his first stint here.  Pat Gillick was good at finding useful players that no one else wanted - one of his trademarks I suppose.  The 2000's haven't been as kind for the Jays Rule 5 picks.  Of Corey Thurman (2001), Aquilino Lopez (2002), Lee Gronkiewicz (2004), Jason Smith (2006) and Randy Wells (2007), only Lopez has really contributed anything positive to the team.  He had a good season in 2003 (72 games, 14 saves, 64K, 3.76 FIP), but didn't do much of anything for the Jays beyond that. 

So, is anyone expecting the Jays to pick a player tomorrow at the Rule 5 draft?  Of just as much consequence perhaps, does anyone take a look at Brad Eamus or Adam Loewen?  I say yes to Eamus, and no to Loewen.

Blue Jays Links

FAN590 - Blogs - Miked Up " Blog Archive " A Quiet Day Two
Wilner has a good rundown of Day Two. From the article:

Alex said that there was a rumour yesterday that had the Blue Jays very, very interested in a player, and a few hours after that rumour began spreading, Alex got a phone call from that very player’s agent asking if he wanted to discuss signing his guy. That was Pena. That’s also kind of hilarious.

FAN590 - Blogs - Miked Up " Blog Archive " A Nice Touch
Wilner also writes about the manager celebration held yesterday, including Gaston, Torre, Piniella and Cox. He has some interesting notes in here - well worth the read.

Marcum trade leaves spot open for Blue Jays | News
Farrell talks about the pitching staff for next year, and AA indicates that Zach Stewart could be a lot closer to a call up than people think.

1 Blue Jays Way : Toronto Blue Jays Blog: I never did end up getting any info on Alan Farina
Some good information here on Thames and Loewen courtesy of Adam at

Pat Gillick honoured for a career still going strong - The Globe and Mail
Stephen Brunt at the Globe has a nice little piece on Gillick.

Drunk Jays Fans: Winter Meetings Day Three: Still Talking About Greinke and Lawrie
Stoeten summarizes yesterdays Prime Time Sports, where Bob McCown and Keith Law had a chat.

Market For Russell Martin Intensifying: MLB Rumors -
Nothing new here, but the Jays are still showing interest in Russell Martin. Since the Red Sox and Yanks are in, I'm pretty sure the Jays would have to overpay which I don't like.

Griffin: Is Brett Lawrie swagger changing image of Jays? -
Griffin wonders if Lawrie fits the 'family-oriented Blue Jays way'. I wonder, does it really matter? If he can play, he can play. The 1993 Phillies could play but you wouldn't want to have them over for family dinner - they were still loved, because they could play.

Jays Minors Transaction: Sign RP Winston Abreu | Jays Journal
Mat Germain profiles Winston Abreu, who signed with the Jays on November 29.  This was a pretty low profile signing, (I don't remember hearing much about it at the time).  Should be a good AAA(A) depth signing at least - a guy that should do well in Vegas and could fill in for the Jays in a pinch.

The 5th starter: No Longer On Board: The Zack Greinke makes me S.A.D edition
The 5th Starter is tired of the Greinke for Snider and Drabek rumours. A look at the surplus value of Snider and Drabek.

Around the League

Day In Review: 12/7/10: MLB Rumors
A review of all of yesterday's moves. The two biggest signed were Carlos Pene and Ty Wigginton, although lots of trade rumours were flying around too.

Trading those untradable contracts
The Hardball Times looks at untradable contracts. Including some unlikely deals. They suggest a Vernon Wells for Alfonso Soriano and Aramis Ramirez deal.

On Conlin, the Hall of Fame, and space aliens
Hardball Times takes a look at newly inducted Hall of Fame writer, Bill Conlin.

Are Writers Picking Better MVPs and Cy Youngs? | FanGraphs Baseball
Jesse Wolfersberger takes a look at the correlation between WAR and MVP/Cy Young vote getters.

Omar Linares " Mop Up Duty | Baseball News Sabermetric | Baseball History Bio
A profile of Cuban legend, Omar Linares. Interesting reading.

The 5th starter: A Toronto Blue Jays Blog: The Pro-Prospect Rebuttal: Top Prospect Lists
A look at the top prospects lists from the past few years, and how the players have done in their careers so far.

Mortgaging Years: When Is It Okay? | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron wonders if 'building for the future' is really the right way to go about building a contender.

Court rules McCourts' agreement invalid | Baseball | Sports | Toronto Sun
Sounds like the issue of Dodgers ownership might take a while.

Rays, White Sox Interested In Accardo: MLB Rumors -
Rays, White Sox, Dodgers and Pirates all looking at Accardo.

Kevin Gregg Has Multiple Offers: MLB Rumors
Gregg has offers from Red Sox, Pirates and Nationals. Orioles and Mariners also in the mix.