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Hall of Fame Poll: Don Mattingly

It is Don Mattingly's 11th time on the ballot, last year he got 16.1% of the Writers to vote for him. His first time, on the ballot, he had 28.2% and then it dropped over the years, but it picked up a bit last year.

He is an interesting case, earlier in his career he was considered a sure thing Hall of Famer. He won the MVP award in 1985, had 6 straight years of .300+ batting average, drove in 110+ runs 5 time. He had power, drove in runs, hit doubles and had 9 Gold Gloves.

And, course, he was a Yankee, which never hurts a player's Hall of Fame chances.

But injuries sapped his power and shortened his career. His last season in the majors was his age 34 year. He finished with 222 home runs and 1099 RBI and a .307/.358/.471 line. He is one of the few long time Yankees not to have won a World Series ring, at least as a player.