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Make your predictions: Travis Snider

With it being Valentine's Day (sorry for the late warning guys, run out and get something for your girl now, 7/11 is always open. A slurpee works for any occasion), the start of the Winter Olympics in the rain and us a week away from the pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training, there isn't much for Jay's news. About the closest to news is Cuban defector Jose Julio Ruiz is close to signing a contract and it might be with the Jays. Or might not.

"The idea is to find a team where there is the most opportunity to rise quickly."

So likely not the Yankees, since he is a first baseman (I can't get the 'block quote' to work).

Speaking of Olympics in the rain, why was there a Canadian from every sport imaginable in the opening ceremonies except for baseball. Rick Steve Nash was there. Wayne Gretzky. Bobby Orr. Even Donald Sutherland (not an athlete but he was a big fan of the Expos). Even Ann Murray (who apparently is a heck of a golfer). But no Larry Walker, a good BC boy. Or Ferguson Jenkins, if they needed a Hall of Fame type. Seems unfair.

My son and I watched the moguls last night, that is nuts. Racing down an iced up, bumpy hill, in the pouring rain, being judged on style on two jumps on the way and style of how you ski through the bumps. The winner is figured by some combination of style points and speed. It is just strange stuff.

Anyway on to the point of the post. Travis Snider's been our biggest prospect for years. We've been hearing about him for so long that it is hard to believe he just turned 22 on the 2nd of this month. We took a close look at his season back here. He started off great, like most of the team. Hit a slump in May, like most of the team. And got sent back to the minors. He was recalled in the middle of August and was finally allowed to play most everyday. He had a good little stretch at the end of the year. His batting line for the season:

2009 - Travis Snider 77 241 34 58 14 1 9 29 29 78 1 1 .241 .328 .419

Cito didn't seem to like him in right field but I'd like to see him out there for more than 21 games before deciding he can't do the job. He played mostly RF in the minors and his numbers aren't any worse there than in left. 

Bill James has him hitting .275/.357/.493 with 26 homers, 90 RBI in 592 PA. 

CHONE isn't as optimistic: .260/.338/.458 with 19 homers, 66 RBI in 464 PA. 

Cito has said that the focus of this year would be the young players. I'm hoping he sticks to that and has Snider out there against lefties and righties. I guess we'll see. 

Give us your prediction for Travis' 2010 season. PA, slash line, homers, RBI and anything else you want to guess at would be good.