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Wednesday Bantering

Last night I went out to see Wilco, great fun, first time I've come out of a concert with my ears ringing in a long time. They were great, in a time when the effort at concerts seems to be to try to duplicate the sound on the album, it was good to see musicians having fun making music. 

Watching girls fall on the ski hill is less fun though. There have been some bad crashes this afternoon. 

Not much for Blue Jay news out there. Rod Barajas may finally be getting a contract. The Mets are offering him a minor league deal. I'm sure he was expecting more than that after playing 125 games and hitting 19 homers for the Jays last year. But it would be hard for any team to get excited about a player with a .258 on base average. 

The Toronto Sun has a nice profile of Cito Gaston. Of course even the Sun has to take shots at on line news sources:

At the chaotic end of last season that wasn’t entirely clear, after a story broke from an online news service prior to the team’s final series in Baltimore that a major player insurrection against Gaston was in the works.

How the Sun can look down at any news service, I have no idea, but there you go. It is a testament to how well liked Cito is, by the local press, that they all down play the players concerns. 

The Star has a piece telling us how important Mrs. Marcum and Mrs. McGowan were in their husbands' recovery from injury. Talk about your slow news day.

They also have a story about James Paxton's NCAA troubles. Gotta feel a little sorry for the guy. NCAA doesn't allow the players to have agents but they are allowed 'advisors', the difference between the two is semantics.

And on Jordan Bastian has a talk with new Blue Jay pitching coach Bruce Walton. He says all the right things. He's got a lot of work ahead of him.