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We've made our mark

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However small a mark it might be. This morning I was reading a piece by Robert MacLeod in the Globe about the holes the Jays still have to fill and near the bottom he listed what he thought the starting rotation would be. In the number 5 slot he has Marc Rzepczynski:

5. Marc Rzepczynski: Known as Scrabble to some of his fans, injuries forced the fast-tracking of this lefty, who skipped all the way from Double-A into the majors last season. He more than held his own, going 2-4 in 11 starts before the Jays shut him down for the year. Along the way, Rzepczynski posted a 3.67 ERA, while striking out 60 in 61 1/3 innings.

See that? "Known as Scrabble to some of his fans". That's us. The nickname invented here. I'd love to take credit for the name but my sketchy memory says we were talking in a game thread about the amount of points (40) his name would be worth in Scrabble and I think it was Torgen who suggested that as a nickname. Anything so I don't have to type Rzepczynski each time we talk about him works for me.

A bit after I read that story Jordan Bastian posted this picture on Twitpic with the caption Lefty Marc "Scrabble" Rzepczynski in the bullpen today." 

Now if we can get people calling Travis Snider Moonraker, I can die happy.