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Which Pitchers are you pulling for this spring?

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Yeah, all of them, I know. But which ones in particular are you interested in watching. Three for me are:

Brett Cecil: Cecil doesn't seem to be on many of the 'projected' starting rotations that I've seen, mostly because of the 5.30 ERA he had last year. But, he did get left out to be shelled a few times last year, which didn't help his ERA and he was only 22 with just a couple of years of starting experience in the minors, after having been a closer in college. The Jays have been building up his innings pitched a little each year, he threw 142 last year between Vegas and the majors, so this year he'll be looking to play pretty much a full season, I doubt the team will be shutting him down at the end of this year. He was number 2 on our prospect list last year, there is lots of potential there and Buster Olney twitted that the Jays were happy with his condition coming into camp (not sure if that was a shot at how he came into camp last year). 

Dustin McGowan: Every time his name came up last season someone was sure to tell us his career was over, and they may still be right but boy I hope he proves them wrong. Everyone has the story about how he is throwing without pain spring: The StarGlobe and Mail and Jordan Bastian. All are careful to mention that the Jays haven't put a radar gun on him yet, a good move because he hurt his arm trying to impress the gun. He is out of options, so he can't be sent down to the minors without clearing options and there is no way he'd clear options. He could start the year on the DL, perhaps in the minors on a rehab assignment, but then he would have to go along with it. If he's healthy and says he's healthy he'd have to stay on the build league team. If healthy he has all sorts of talent and he turns just 28 in March. 

Scott Richmond: With 'shoulder impingement' he's going to get a later start to spring training, which is too bad, he needs to show well to have a shot at making the team. Scott has options left which also likely works against his chances for making the team. He had a terrific start to last season, winning AL Rookie pitcher of the Month for April and had a 3.69 ERA for the first half of the year. The second half didn't go well. He does need a pitch to get lefties out with or, barring that, he needs a role in the bullpen where he can face mainly right-handed batters. We all know his backstory, so it is easy to pull for him and I'm a Canuk enough to like the idea of a Canadian on the team. Odds are long for him with all the pitchers on the team but I'm hoping for him. 

Anyway which pitchers are you pulling for this spring?