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Monday Morning Bantering

You know that 'it's quiet, too quiet' line. That's where we are right now. It is the first day of 'official' workouts for the pitchers and we are 9 days away from the first spring training game. Right now all the stories are about 'what a great guy player X' is, he's shown up in the 'greatest shape of his life' and he is 'happy just to be competing for a job'. 

What would be more fun to talk about? How about how stupid it is of Hockey Canada to keep using recently retired players to head up their Olympic team each year. The trouble is the retired player remember how great the guys were they played with and against, but they forget that those players age too. 

4 years ago,with Wayne Gretzky putting together the team, Chris Pronger spent the tournament showing he was way to slow to play at that level. This time it is Steve Yzerman's turn and he remembers how good a player Pronger was back when Steve played against him. So he's back on the team. And Martin Brodeur was the best goalie in hockey when Yzerman played. Those guys were good back then and no amount of new evidence is going to be considered. 

Yesterday's game, team Canada was the better team, except in net and a in couple of defense spots, and they lost. Loyalty is a wonderful thing but it isn't going to win you a gold medal.

Doesn't it seems to you like there should be a parallel with some baseball managers somewhere in this? 

Anyway, links. Everyone has the same story on Kevin GreggJordan BastianKen Fidlin in the Sun and Richard Griffin. Gregg is happy to be here, would like to stay and is happy to battle for the closer role. The Sun and  Richard Griffin both tell us that John McDonald is happy to be here (after 10 years in the majors) and is willing to help out with the young guys. Jordan Bastian....who works way too hard also has stories about our new Jays and our new turf.

And Tao of Stieb has part one of a review of Dirk Hayhurst's book. Can't wait to read it myself.