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Thursday Night Bantering: Adeiny Hechevarria and Cito

Since I'm watching the Canadian ladies hockey team get their medals, after a really well played game against the American team, I thought we'd look at a couple of things. I know the Canada/US games are the only ones worth watching in women's hockey but they do compete very hard. Give it a few years and some of the other nations will have decent teams. Oh. oh, why is the fellow handing out the gold medals shaking hands with most of the girls but kissing some on the cheeks?

Yay, CTV was panning the camera through the Canadian's men's team watching the medals presentation, one of the guys was wearing a Jay's cap! If I could recognize him, he'd become my favorite player but I don't. 

Would it be sexist to say that the women look much better getting their medals than the men will?

I missed a line out of Jordan Bastian piece "Anthopoulos eyes international talent":

Toronto is also believed to have interest in 19-year-old Cuban shortstop Adeiny Hechevarria.

Wouldn't that be a nice signing. Jose Ruiz is 25 and likely just about major league ready but then he plays first and we have Brett Wallace for that position in the future. I guess if the Jays signed him, they would put Wallace back at third. which would be ok by me but the Jays don't seem to like his defense at third.. On the other hand, Adeiny Hechevarria is a shortstop who looks to have a lot of potential. The says:

In MLB terms, Hechevarria is an 'offensive-minded' shortstop in the Cal Ripken mode: a high-average hitter with above-average power. At the plate, his spray chart looks a little more like Ichiro Suzuki: he has a knack for finding infield holes and hitting behind runners. He'll command a high signing bonus and start in the minor leagues, with 2012 or 2013 looking like a possible MLB arrival date.

They list him as turning 22 in March, while Jordan has him at 19, but either way, anyone you compare to Cal Ripken and Ichiro Suzuki must have something. Cuban Ball Players has him as their 7th best prospect and best SS:

Hechevarria covers a lot of ground, has amazing quickness, great hands and his footwork is excellent.
Iglesias had a higher batting average in Cuba, but Hechevarria hit for more power and had a higher fielding average.
Hechevarria likes to hit behind the runners. During last season, he hit 50 times toward right field. He also hit 38 times to left field and 32 to center field.
I think Adeiny will land a contract higher than José Iglesias who signed a $8.2 million contract with Boston.

That page also has some video of him playing. He does look like someone that could play short for us for a long time. 

If you want to be reminded what Cito does well, this is a great story. It really is Cito at his finest, noticing something small and getting the player to buy into the idea.