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Will there be any surprises out of spring training?

So Cito seems to have set his batting order (the Drunks make fun of Bautista leading off here, so I don't have to). The starting rotation seems fairly set plus or minus a 5th guy and with the hope that Cito falls out of love with Brian Tallet over the next month. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Tallet but prefer him in the long relief/start if someone gets hurt role. And we have a good idea who is at the top of the bullpen (barring a trade of Frasor or Downs) and we have pretty educated guesses for who will fill out the other bullpen slots. Even backups, we pretty much know McDonald, Molina, Ruiz and likely Gathright will get to ride the bench, maybe pinch running some. Well, I'd hope Ruiz will platoon with Overbay at least.

So is there room for any spring surprises? Does your crystal ball foresee anyone being able to shake Cito's pre-training camp ideas? Let us know.