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Saturday Afternoon Bantering

The Fan 590 had a couple of interesting interview yesterday.

One with Alex Anthopoulos you can listen to here. Amount the things he said:

  • that it is weird being the head guy, a camera man was following him around at spring training.
  • he gave Perry Minasian, Director of Professional Scouting credit for the hiring of Ed Lynch and Jim Beattie.
  • that everyone reported to camp in good shape. Like he is going to say something else.
  • that Vernon is more 'outspoken and vocal' this spring. stepping up to be a leader.
  • Vernon's wrist is like 'night and day' from last spring.
  • He also said that he doesn't consider the media the enemy, '\"we work together". Course didn't say anything about bloggers.....
  • And JP will do a very good job for baseball tonight. He's 'well-spoken and polished'.

The other with radio analyst Alan Ashby here. I like Ashby a lot, he's not afraid to speak his mind:

  • Started by talking about Olympic hockey and showed he knew little about it.
  • said that spring training is too long for position players, but then it wasn't too long for the pitchers.
  • he was surprised that Hill and Lind would bat 2nd and 3rd this year. He figures that it's just Cito that is uncomfortable with Lind batting 4th.  He said that Lind is very easy going, that nothing bothers him.
  • when asked "Why is Cito back?" he said I don't know. Said that he knew there was discontent in the clubhouse last year and that it wasn't overstated by the media. It's nice to see someone not toeing the company line on that. 
  • likes Alex Anthopoulos.
  • says the team isn't as bad as advertised.
  • also said that Vernon always gives his very best and is the type of player other players look up to.