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Dirk Hayhurst Speaks (Briefly!) to Bluebird Banter

No, it's not an exclusive interview on his book -- not yet.  But I e-mailed Dirk to let him know that folks here at Bluebird Banter were pulling for him and I linked to Tom's recent post and JohnnyG's fanpost.  Dirk had this to say in response:  

Read the links and all I can say is wow. I am so thankful for all the support! You have some great readers out there and, honestly, as cliche as this sounds, I want to get healthy and pitch like the second coming just to say thank you. It really stinks this happened when it did, but I'll make the best of it. I've been breaking the mold of what people expect athletes to act like and this won't be any different. I'll continue to use my tiny platform to raise awareness, entertain, and pitch as long as I have it, as long as they'll let me  -  you can count on that. 

Also, because I'm self-consciously unsentimental, and so everyone can get their Garfoose-related content, here's a little colloquy we've had at the end of our various missives:


Thanks for the support. The Garfoose says hello to your Bluebird and want to know if it tastes like blueberries? 
Surprisingly, Bluebird tastes like the ubiquitous, albeit fictitious, "blue raspberry."  Anyway, our Bluebird is admittedly a bit smitten by the Garfoose but must remind it that Bluebirds are monogamous and the Garfoose doesn't appear ready to settle down. 
  and Dirk again:
Garfoose is a rebel, he's not a one make-believe animal kind of beast. He's broken a lot of hearts in his day. He eaten a lot of them too.