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A Bleed Cubbie Blue Scouting Report on our New Reliever

I asked Al from Bleed Cubbie Blue, SB Nations terrific Cubs site,  for a scouting report on Kevin Gregg and he was gracious to do it. I should lead off by saying Gregg had a really bad year for the Cubs, we have to hope he'll be better for us. Here's Al:

Gregg claimed to have had knee problems most of last year -- that's the reason
that they wouldn't use him for more than an inning at a time (had only three
such appearances in 2009).

He was maddeningly inconsistent. He'd look good for a month or longer, then
suddenly start giving up home runs at really inconvenient times, particularly in
this game:

HR on back-to-back pitches with one out in the last of the 9th, which tied and
won the game for the Marlins. Lou finally quit on him as closer after this one:

A double, an IBB, and a three-run walkoff by Kyle Blanks. The Cubs shut him down
for the year after September 20.

The quick and dirty scouting report: he walks too many people and the HR allowed
(13) are ridiculous. I'd think he'll have terrible trouble against the LH power
hitters in the AL East, particularly in Yankee Stadium. Even in his decent year
with the Marlins in 2008, he walked too many hitters.

Good luck with him -- you're gonna need it. Can we have Jason Frasor in return?

Not exactly glowing but what did I expect. I do hope that our pitching coaches can help him, Cito doesn't tend to like relievers that walk a lot of batters. Thanks for the report Al.