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Friday Bantering: Bullpen Numbers and Links

As Jordan Bastian twiterates that the most interesting battle this spring will be in the bullpen. Jordan says that Alex Anthopoulos tells him that there are no plans, at present, to trade off any of the relievers, so we have a bunch of arms for 7 bullpen spots. 

Sure things: Kevin Gregg, Scott Downs, Jason Frasor

Sure unless he's in the starting rotation: Brian Tallet

If he's healthy and doesn't make the rotation: Dustin McGowan

Battling out for 3 spots: Jeremy Accardo, Jesse Carlson, Shawn Camp, Josh Roenicke, Merkin Valdez, Jesse Carlson, Casey JanssenZechry Zinicola and Scott Richmond.

Depending on how surgery goes: Dirk Hayhurst. Update: Jordan Bastian says Dirk will be out for 4 to 6 months. There is a very sad Garfoose out there. 

Longer shots: Lance Broadway (unless he's in jail), Zach Jackson, Steven Register, Willie Collazo and Sean Henn.

Guys without options: Tallet, McGowan, Valdez, Downs, Camp. And Zinicola has to stay on the roster or be offered back to the Nationals

So pick your 7 men out of that?

Links after the Jump:

Want to see video from the 'State of the Franchise? Go here.

A couple of folks looked at our 2011 season: Dave Cameron at Fangraphs and Satchel Price at Beyond the Boxscore, who asked the musical question "Could the 2011 Blue Jays Be Good?".

Keith Olbermann knows who we are. More importantly, he likes Dirk Hayhurst's book.

At Yahoo Sports 'Duk' asks what you would do if you were on Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy was a baseball question. Bet the house. (h/t Amazing Avenue)

Jays aren't interested in Carlos Delgado any more.

The folks at Baseball Prospectus picks the best and worst GM's of the 1990's. Gord Ash? Number 4 on the worst list. 

And the Drunks talk Kevin Millar and chemistry. I'm glad they did that one, maybe they can get the emails from Millar fans that I usually get.