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B-Game Notes, Game Preview and Thread: 3/10, Phillies at Blue Jays

Hi everyone.  Some quick notes on this morning's "B" game:

  • Brandon Morrow threw 2 pretty effective innings (3 hits, but no walks or runs, and 2 strikeouts).  He threw 32 pitches, 20 for strikes. 
  • Marc Rzepczynski threw a lot of pitches, but made it through three effective innings, yielding only one run.  Zep used 49 pitches (34 strikes) to strike out 5 of his nine casualties, but only surrendered two hits and didn't walk anyone. 
  • Brett Cecil made his spring debut and from what Jordan Bastian says, the cut on his thumb is still holding back his curveball.  Cecil wasn't any more efficient than Morrow or Zep, throwing 46 pitches (28 for strikes) over 2 innings and giving up one big 3-run home run to Cody Ransom.  He walked one but did strike out 4 in his two innings. 

Anyway, on to the A-game.  Your Jays' lineup:

Bautista, 3B

Hill, 2B

Lind, DH

Wells, CF

Overbay, 1B

Reed, RF

Buck, C

Gonzalez, SS

Snider, LF

The pitching lineup is interesting.  Lance Broadway will start, followed by Kyle Drabek, David Purcey, Jason Frasor, Scott Downs, Kevin Gregg, and Zack Jackson.  Frasor, Downs, and Gregg continue to be pitched back-to-back-to-back in the same game. 

Anyway, will carry an audio feed, though from the point of view of the city of brotherly love.  Enjoy, all!