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Quick Recap: Spring Game 7, Jays and Phillies

Phillies 4 Blue Jays 2

Couldn't expect them to score bunches of runs every game. There were some good things today though.


  • Kyle Drabek pitched 2 good innings, gave up 1 hit and 1 walk.
  • Jason Frasor gave up a hit and struck out 1 in his inning.
  • Kevin Gregg didn't do so well, he gave up 3 hits, 2 hard hit doubles that hit the wall, walked one, only 1 earned run though. Even though I didn't like the signing I'm not going to give up on him after only 2 innings pitched in the spring but he isn't filling us with confidence.
  • Scott Downs gave up 1 hit in his inning of work.
  • Lance Broadway allowed 2 runs, off 2 hits and a walk in 2 innings. 
  • David Purcey pitched 2 innings, gave up a home run, a walk, had 2 strikeouts adding up to 1 run. He, like Broadway would have had to be lights out all spring to have a chance to make the team.


  • Jose Bautista had another great game, a homer and a double to be 2 for 3. .643 is his spring batting average.
  • Aaron Hill was 0 for 2 with another walk. I don't know whether he is trying to walk more or if pitchers are pitching him more careful after his big year last year, but it's good to see.
  • Adam Lind 1 for 3, a double.
  • Randy Ruiz 1 for 1, hitting .643 this spring. As we were talking about in the game thread, Cito said Overbay would play everyday but you gotta think that Ruiz has to platoon with him. Lyle doesn't hit lefties at all anymore.
  • Vernon Wells was 0 for 3 bringing his spring average down to .462.
  • Mike McCoy played some CF and was 0 for 1. If he plays the outfield too, you'd have to think he is a favorite for a utility role.
  • Overbay, 0 for 2 with an RBI and a walk, dropping his average to .444 for the spring.
  • Jeremy Reed 1 for 2, .429.
  • John Buck, 0 for 2 with a strikeout. .200 so far.
  • JP Arencibia was also 0 for 2 but one of the outs was caught right at the fence, very close to another home run on the spring.
  • Alex Gonzalez, 0 for 1 and a walk..200
  • John McDonald, 0 for 2. .250
  • Travis Snider was 1 for 3, no strikeouts today. He made a number of good plays in the field and had an assist. .188.

Jordan Bastian has a couple of quotes from Cito on twitter:

Cito on rotation: "We've kind of got our mind on who's going to be in that rotation right now." Didn't name the five he referred to.

Nothing like having open competition during spring.

Cito on Cecil: "He is behind because he's missing time by having a thumb that's cut and bothering him. Its not something that's good at all"

Tomorrow the Jays play the Rays.

The Jays sent Adam Loewen and Brian Jeroloman their Minor League camp and optioned Luis Perez and Robert Ray to Triple-A. I figured Ray would get a couple more looks. I think that brings us down to 29 pitchers in the major league camp. Can't imagine how they all are going to get innings.