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Thursday Bantering and Game Thread

I'm busy this morning so putting up the game thread early, might be back around game time.

The Jays are busing down to Port Charlotte to play the Rays. Shawn Marcum and Brad Mills are too pitch for the Jays. Mike Wilner points out that Marcum is all lined up to be the opening day starter if things continue as they are. Ricky Romero would be in the game 2 spot and they are moving Brandon Morrow next start to Sunday to put him in line for the 3rd game. There is a little ways to go yet, lots could happen.

Today's lineup:

Gathright CF

Hoffpauir 3B

Wallace DH

Ruiz 1B

Lubanski LF

Padilla RF

Emaus 2B

McDonald SS

Molina C

Nice to see Ruiz playing first. We talked in yesterday's game thread about Cito saying Lyle Overbay would play everyday. I'm choosing to not to believe that.  Last year Cito platooned him and he didn't have as good a choice for platoon partner as Randy Ruiz would be. If Overbay plays everyday and Lind is DH everyday there wouldn't be a real role for Ruiz. Pinch hitter, I guess. Overbay doesn't hit lefties at all. Like Hugo said, John McDonald would be a better choice against lefties. I know Cito doesn't like to platoon but I can't imagine that he won't in this case. 

Lind hasn't played in the field yet this spring. I'd like him to play out there some, he's too young to only DH.

I'm not sure when we should start worrying that Encarnacion won't be ready to start the season. We still have 3 weeks until opening day. Batters don't need a month to get ready for the season, 2 weeks should be plenty, hopefully he'll be ready to play in the next week. 

We still have 29 pitchers in camp. It would be hard to get innings for all those guys. I don't think we've seen Sean Henn yet or Casey Fien. I'd imagine neither would make the team. I only remember seeing Janssen, Camp, Carlson or Roenicke in a game once each, though they may have pitched in one of the B games. I'd think that we'll see a large number of pitchers sent to the minor league camp in the next few days.