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Travis Snider's chances of making the team are improving?

Jordan Bastian talked to Cito about Travis Snider and Cito sounded encouraging, very nice to see.

"Snider's got a chance to make this club," Gaston said. "And, as of lately, his at-bats have gotten better. We want him to make this club, because you've got to go and look at the long-term future of this club. Is it more with Gathright, or is it more with Snider? You want Snider to make this club, but you want him to make it in the right way. We're not just going to give it to him.

"Every day that he improves is just going to be a plus for him and for us and the organization, because you've got Snider and you've got Lind and [Aaron] Hill and Vernon [Wells], and then you've got JP [Arencibia] coming, too. You're starting to have some pretty good bats coming."

It does sound like his at bats are getting better, he hasn't struck out in his last couple of games. Jordan made a couple of changes to his predicted opening day roster, removing Jeremy Reed and Joey Gathright and putting Snider and Mike McCoy in their places. I'd like to think he is right. It does make a lot of sense to me, McCoy can backup both infield and outfield positions. With only having 4 backup spots, the more a backup can do the better.

Since we are looking towards the future I don't see why you wouldn't want Snider up. especially if you think that Cito and Dwayne Murphy are better batting coaches than we have at Vegas. I guess we'll see in a couple of weeks.