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A Little Good Will Goes a Mighty Long Way: 3/13 Game Preview and Thread, Blue Jays at Braves

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  It's pouring here, but I hear it's sunny in Florida, so sounds like the Jays will play. 

As he missed his start yesterday due to rain, Brian Tallet worked 3 innings in a simulated game yesterday.  The other pitchers who were schedule to work yesterday - Casey Janssen, Jeremy Accardo, Zach Jackson, Zechry Zinicola, and Merkin Valdez - will work in simulated games today. 

But as for the Jays' game against the Braves, here's the lineup:

Mike McCoy, ss

Joey Gathright, cf

Jeremy Reed, rf

Brian Dopirak, 1b

Travis Snider, lf

Jarrett Hoffpauir, 3b

Brad Emaus, 2b

Jose Molina, c

Good opportunities for several Jays vieing for roster spots. Speaking of, we took a look at the first 10 days or so of games and where different players battling for roster spots stand so far this morning. If you haven't taken a look yet, check it out.

Ricky Romero will get the start and the opportunity to throw as many as 4 innings, while Dana Eveland, Sean Henn, Ray (formerly Reider) Gonzalez, Rommie Lewis, and Willie Collazo.  I hear Brett Wallace, Randy Ruiz, and J.P. Arencibia made the trip with their teammates, so I'd expect them to feature in the game at some point.  Tim Hudson makes the start for Atlanta.

Today's title comes from "Bottled in Cork," a song off Ted Leo's just-released record The Brutalist Bricks.  I can't get enough of it right now, and the title seemed appropriate given how a little of Cito's good will does indeed seem to go a long way in helping a player secure a roster spot.  I hear the FAN is carrying the game, so enjoy!  I plan on listening myself while trying to get some work done.