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Monday Morning Bantering

The Jays have two games today, an A and B game. The B game will have started at 10:00 eastern and has a number of our A batters:

Bautista 3B Hill 2B Lind DH Wells CF Overbay 1B Buck C Lubanski RF Gonzalez SS Gathright LF

B game stats aren't counted in the player's spring training stats, which in this case is too bad. 

The A game is at 1:00 eastern and will be on (there was just a twit from the Jays saying Sportsnet East will show today's game), the lineup for that one:

Hoffpauir 3B Emaus 2B Reed RF Ruiz 1B Dopirak DH Snider LF Aguila CF Molina C Pastornicky SS.

I'm looking forward to geting a chance to see Pastornicky play. I don't know who Aguila is, there was a Chris Aguila that played outfield for the Marlins from 2004 to 2006 and who was with the Mets in 2008. I guess that could be him. He'd be 31 now and clearly not a prospect of any sort.

Pitching in the A game will be Marc Rzepczynski, Brett Cecil, Casey Janssen and Jeremy Accardo.

The Jays made a couple of roster moves, sending Ray (formerly Reidier) Gonzalez to Vegas and Jesus  Merchan to the minor league camp. Jordan Bautista twits that Jesse Carlson has a sore knee and will test it on Wednesday, throwing off a mound.

There is nothing new on the Adeinis (or Adeiny) Hechevarria signing. The Jays won't announce his signing (or say anything about him) until he passes a physical.