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Quick Recap: Spring Game 11, Jays and Tigers

Blue Jays 7 Tigers 10

The A squad stayed home for the B game and won. The B squad bused to the A game and lost. But it was fun to watch the game.


  • Marc Rzepczynski: 4 innings, 6 hits, 1 walk, 2 homers, 4 strikeouts, 3 earned. He had a tough first inning but settled down after that. One bad inning, 3 good.
  • Casey Janssen pitched a good inning, walking one and getting ground balls. Looked good on the mound.
  • Brett Cecil: 2.1, 6 hits, 1 walk, 1 homer, 3 strikeouts, 4 runs, 3 earned. He wasn't helped by poor defense and the runners he left on base scored. Looked like he was tired after 2 innings. Seemed to be throwing all his pitches though.
  • Bubbie Buzachero: how can you not like a guy named Bubbie? Got the final 2 outs, but gave up 2 hits, 2 walks  and 3 earned runs. He also took a ball hard off the shin, which I'm sure didn't help. The double he allowed went off Hoffpauir's glove at third base. It was hit hard but if the play was made it would have helped. Not a prospect.


  • Jarrett Hoffpauir: 1 for 4, a double and a walk. I thought he made an error but I guess it was called an infield single on the play he threw past the first baseman. I guess it would have been a close play. .227 at the moment, I don't think he's impressed enough to have a shot at the team.
  • Brad Emaus: 1 for 5, 2 RBI. Looked good at 2B. Batting .333. Won't make the team but having a good spring.
  • Jeremy Reed: 1 for 5. Quietly having a nice spring: .391.
  • Randy Ruiz: 2 for 4 and a walk. Had a double and a walk. Showed how you can look good and bad in the same game. Struck out and ground out on the first pitch in the bottom of the 8th, that looked off the plate. But another good game for Randy. Hitting .500. Played first, could have helped out fielders by making a couple of tough catches on throws (he was given an error for a 'missed catch') but doesn't look bad at the position at all.
  • Brian Dopirak: 1 for 5 with 3 strikeouts, but the 1 was an opposite field homer. Watched strike 3 to end the game. .261. 
  • Travis Snider: 1 for 3 with a walk. 3 of 4 plate appearances were good, the other he swung at the first pitch and missed it. Over threw 3rd trying to get a runner there, the play was backed up well so it didn't cost anything, but it was a poor throw. Took a couple of close pitches to get the walk. Hitting .200 for the spring now.
  •  Someone named Chris Aguila played CF: 1 for 4 with a triple. Only mentioning him because I didn't know he was on the team. Played for the Marlins 2004-2006 and with the Mets in 2008. 
  • Jose Molina: 0 for 3 with a strikeout. He makes Raul Chavez look like a hitter. Well no, but he's not good. .083.
  • JP Arencibia: 1 for 1. .308.
  • Tyler Pastronicky: 1 for 4 and a run. I thought he showed good range. Did make a throwing error.

Bastian twitters that Cito "raved about Purcey", who threw in the B game and says Cito would 'like to have a 3rd lefty' in the pen. Also:

Cito, on Purcey: "You would've been amazed with what you would've seen this morning."

Which is great and all but Eveland has looked pretty good too. I'm not sure I'd overlook Purcey's history of wildness for a couple of good spring innings. He didn't pitch that great in his other spring appearances.

Eveland has pitched 8 innings, with 5 hits, no earned runs, 2 walks and 6 strikeouts.

Purcey (not counting today's B game) 4 innings, 9 hits, 4 earned, 2 homers, 1 walk and 3 strikeouts.

I like Purcey too, I like guys that miss bats and I think he'd learn to find the plate, but if we wanted another lefty for the pen, which would you take? 

Well we have 2 weeks of spring training left to sort it all out. 

No Jays spring game tomorrow so Shawn Marcum will start the Triple A spring game to keep him on schedule to pitch opening day.