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Poll: Who would you pick to be the last man on the bench?

Presuming that Encarnacion's wrist improves enough to start the season (might be a big presumption) our bench probably would be Jose Molina, Randy Ruiz, John McDonald and someone else, likely to be Jeremy Reed, Joey Gathright or Mike McCoy. Of course, I'm also presuming the team takes Travis Snider north, but Cito did seem to suggest that would happen.

Reed has played all three outfield spots in his 6 year major league career. He is 29, was a second round draft pick in 2002 and has hit .255/.312/.357. So far this spring he's hitting .391/.440/.478.

Joey Gathright has also played all three outfield spots in hit 6 year career. He's also 29, was a 32nd round draft pick in 2001. Career batting line is .263/.327/.303. He's hitting .150/.190/.150 in just 20 at bats this spring.

Mike McCoy has only had a few major league at bats. He is 29 as well, in the minors he has played every position except first and catcher. He has even pitched. This spring he's hitting .615/.688/.692 in just 13 at bats.