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CBSSports Fantasy Baseball

So things have changed a bit since the last time I posted about the fantasy baseball. Then I mentioned we'd do an AL league and that we could use a couple more players. Well, I got 8 emails asking to join, so instead of picking and choosing I decided to expand the league to 16 members and make it an AL and NL mixed league. After talking to few people that have more experience with fantasy baseball that I (which is basically everyone, other than my mom), it seemed to be the best answer.

Everyone that has sent me a note asking to be part of the league should have gotten an invite by now. Right now the draft is planned to start the morning of March 27 which should give us time to get it done before the start of the season. I choose a 'extended draft' because I didn't think people would want to sit at their computers for 29 rounds of drafting. CBSSports will send emails to each person when it is their turn. It will be a 'snake' style draft so the same person doesn't get first pick each round. Beyond that we'll work things out as we go.

SB would also like me to mention the button to the right that links to Fantasy Baseball Commissioner, that would get you 50% of the usual fee if you want to start your own league with your friends or use this link:


SB Nation has added a little extra incentive, they will chip in a 'blog-branded shirt' for the winner of any league that signs up through that link. I feel ripped off, they haven't even given me a blog-branded shirt. It hardly seems fair.

As always the legal stuff: is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation baseball communities.
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