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Thursday Bantering and Game Thread for March 18, Orioles and Jays

I'm busy this morning so just a quick game thread post. Should be back for some of the game, it is on Gameday Audio.

A couple of quick notes. Zech Zinicola has been returned to the Nationals. Had to figure that would happen, we have too many bullpen arms to keep a rule five guy.

Zack Jackson and Lance Broadway have been sent to the minor league camp. Down to 47 players in the major league camp.

The lineup today is Bautista 3B, Hill 2B, Lind DH, Wells CF, Overbay 1B, Buck C, Reed RF, Snider LF, McDonald SS. So Mac is back in camp, must be tough on him.

Ricky Romero is to pitch 5 innings and Dana Eveland 4.

The National Post has a story on Adam Loewen. He really does have to show something this year, but he has a nice looking swing.

Tao of Stieb has a post about Cito Gaston's first 'final season' with the Jays, back in 1997. He remembers things much the way I do. The reluctance to use Shawn Green, Carlos Delgado and Shannon Stewart. Joe Carter batting cleanup even though he was long past his overdue date. Otis Nixon, Orlando Merced, Carlos Garcia and Rueben Sierra seeing way too much playing time. 

Enjoy your morning.