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I just made the first team laugh: Game Thread March 20

Jays are playing the Braves this morning at Dunedin and since it is a 'home' game we get to see the A team:

Bautista 3B
Hill 2B
Lind LF
Wells CF
Overbay 1B
Buck C
Ruiz DH
Snider RF
Gonzalez SS

It should be Marc Rzepcynzski Rzepczynski starting, but then yesterday it was to be Brandon Morrow. Morrow figures he'll make his next start and all will be well for the season. 

They've sent a few more down to the minor league camp: Willie Collazo, Rommie Lewis, Steven Register and Jorge Padilla. Down to 40 now, so the cuts will start being a little harder soon. 

The Star has a nice story on Tom Tango who the Jays have hired as a statistical consultant:

"My work contributes far more in terms of evaluating baseball talent in terms of wins and dollars than anything else," he wrote. "(Coaches and GMs) can still use their instincts on things that have no data, but if the information exists, then I make sure they have it, in some digestible form. This way, they can make an informed decision."

I like anyone whose favorite player is Tim Raines, but the Jays couldn't have made a better choice.

The post title is from the Billy Bragg song The Saturday Boy, it would work better if the first team wasn't out there today but such is life. 

The game is on MLB audio today and should be on the Fan as well.