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Game Thread for March 21 Jays vs. Red Sox

I won't be around for the game today, my boy is in a hockey tournament and has 2 games way across town today. It will be great fun to watch, this is pretty much the end of hockey for this season. On to baseball for the boy.

The Jays are playing a split squad of Red Sox, the Sox also have a game at their spring home park, so don't expect many of the regulars to make the bus trip to Dunedin. Shawn Marcum is starting for the Jays. The line up:

Bautista 3B
Hill 2B
Lind DH
Wells CF
Overbay 1B
Reed RF
Snider LF
Gonzalez SS
Molina C

Brandon Morrow figures he will be ready to start the season, he says he would have pitched the other day if it was a regular season game. Dustin McGowan is being shut down for a week with a 'dead arm', which isn't something that's unusual for a pitcher to have after throwing everyday in spring, when he hadn't thrown for a long period before that. But we'll see how things go. Edwin Encarnacion is expected to play sometime this week, but then we've heard that since the start of spring.

Not much out there for Jay news this morning. There are a couple bits of news around baseball. It looks like the Tigers are ready to release Dontrelle Willis and eat the rest of his contract. And Twins closer Joe Nathan is going to have Tommy John surgery, so he is gone for the season and maybe part of next year. Twins have been rumoured to be asking about Jason Frasor

Enjoy the game today, if it happens, sounds like there is rain in the Dunedin area. Have a good Sunday.