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Monday Morning Bantering

Ever had one of those mornings where you have more things to do that you can possibly get to? Yeah me too. Add in a flat tire that has to be changed and repaired, furniture that is to be delivered this afternoon that I ought to be around when they do, a couple of bits I have to write for other folks that I've been putting off and then things that people actually pay me for, thrown in for the fun of it. It's Monday.

A few Monday links:

  • Richard Griffin profiles Jeremy Reed and his chances of making the team, he mentions that Reed was once a Baseball America Top 50 prospect.
  • The Sun talks to Lyle Overbay and mentions that he'll likely be platooned. A bit ago Cito said Lyle wouldn't be platooned, I hope the Sun is right.
  • The Sun also talks about Dustin McGowan's 'dead arm', mentions that Brandon Morrow is still on schedule to make the third start of the year and that Shaun Marcum threw a 5 inning simulated game, inside, yesterday.
  • Mop Up Duty asked roughly 75 bloggers a few questions, including us, and has posted the first couple of questions today.
  • Rob Neyer talks about Joe Mauer's contract. In a twit he said he figures there is a 50/50 chance the Twins will regret signing it by 2016.
  • The Dodgers have released Canadian Eric Gagne just days after sending him to the minors.
  • And Bud Selig talks realignment.

The Jays play at 1:00 Eastern with Brian Tallet starting and the game is on MLB audio. 

Enjoy your morning.