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Damn Your Mood Swings: 3/22 Game Thread,

Hi everyone.  Today's title comes from Tegan and Sara's incredible song "Monday Monday Monday" and today is about the Monday-iest possible day for me - coming off a long but fun friend's bachelor party this weekend in New Orleans (awesome, even got to go to the crazy Texas-Wake Forest game on Friday), grilled and ate way too much food last night with the family, and now I'm back at work, flooded with stuff to do and it's raining.  So, yeah. 

The Jays, on the other hand, will be playing the Detroit Tigers today in Dunedin and the weather looks ok after yesterday's rainout.'s gameday audio will carry the gameBrian Tallet will start for the Jays. 

Shaun Marcum is our opening day starterJesse Carlson threw a bullpen session this morning and apparently all went well with his knee. 

Today's lineup:

Jose Bautista, 3b

Aaron Hill, 2b

Adam Lind, lf

Vernon Wells, cf

Lyle Overbay, 1b

John Buck, c

Randy Ruiz, dh

Travis Snider, rf

Alex Gonzalez, ss