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Just a few random morning thoughts....

  • I know these things take time, but when should we start to get concerned that there is a problem with the Hechevarria signing? It has been more than a week now since we were told it was going to happen.
  • After missing a season after Tommy John surgery, isn't it great that Shawn Marcum is the opening day starter. Can we just give him the comeback player of the year award now and save a lot of time?
  • Brian Tallet said that part of his troubles yesterday was that he was trying to get his change up up in the strike zone, that he been bouncing too many of them. Have you ever heard a pitcher say he wanted to keep his change up up before?
  • Earlier I was thinking that I was likely John Buck a lot more than I thought I would, as an everyday catcher. He's hitting .318 and has 2 homers and 3 doubles this spring. Then I looked and he hasn't drawn a walk yet.
  • Jose Batista hasn't drawn a walk yet either. I guess if you hit every pitch you swing at there is little incentive to let four go by.
  • Anyone else sort of hoping that Edwin Encarnacion starts the season on the DL so we can have Lind, Snider and Ruiz play every day for the first little while?
  • Out of Kyle Drabek, Zack Stewart, Brett Wallace and J.P. Arencibia, which gets the call up to the majors first?
  • I'm warming to the idea of Jeremy Reed being the 4th outfielder. He's hitting .389 so far, taken a couple of walks, stolen a couple of bases and plays all three outfield spots. I have this worry in the back of my mind that Gathright gets the spot no matter what he or anyone else does.
  • I'm not worried at all about Brandon Morrow being a bit behind going into the start of the season. I don't expect him to go more than 5 or 6 inning for the first month or so anyway.
  • That said, what is the over/under on complete games for Jay pitchers this year? 1? 3? Last year Jay pitchers not named Halladay had 1 CG. Want to guess who had it? No looking it up. 
  • Casey Janssen has pitched in 4 spring games, 4 innings, just 1 hit, 1 walk and 3 K, does he have a spot in the pen?
  • 13 days until opening day for the Jays in Texas. 8 days until Dirk Hayhurst's book is to come out.