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You Tell Me That You've Heard Every Song There Is And Your Bird Can Sing: 3/25 Game Thread, Blue Jays at Tigers

Hope everyone is having a good morning.  I'm doing well, though a bit tired - Mrs. Hugo and I caught a very cool movie about wolves last night at the Carnegie Institute for Science as part of DC's Environmental Film Festival and got in a bit late, so we've definitely fulfilled our urban-yuppie quota for the week.  The Hugos-in-law are coming to town this weekend, so we have to get our culture fix in now.  I kid, I kid!

Anyway, the Jays take on the Motown Tigers today in a game that I'm happy to announce will be covered by both and mlb audio.  Your Jays lineup:

Mike McCoy, 2b

John McDonald, ss

Adam Lind, dh

Vernon Wells, cf

Randy Ruiz, 1b

Jeremy Reed, lf

Edwin Encarnacion, 3b

Travis Snider, rf

Jose Molina, c

Good to see Edwin Encarnacion making his first-team debut today, and McCoy is back in the lineup as well and we'll see a bit of what he can do leading off.  Johnny Mac in the two hole?   Check.  Marc Rzepczynski makes the start today. 

I thought Dotcom Dash runner-up Jordan Bastian's article on Casey Janssen was a good read.  Janssen, let's not forget, was a pretty well-regarded pitcher in the Jays' minor-league system after being drafted from UCLA by the Jays in the 4th round of the 2004 draft.  He had excellent major-league success as a reliever in 2007 and was deceptively good in most of the 17 starts he made in 2006.  Though he's only pitched 5 innings this spring, mostly after the veteran players have left the game, he's been very effective this spring, yielding just 1 hit and 1 walk over 5 innings while striking out 5 and getting almost all of his contact outs on ground balls.  Yesterday he pitched a perfect 5th inning, striking out 2 and getting the other out on a broken bat grounder.  If he's fully recovered from the very serious labrum surgery he underwent in 2008 (he never really looked comfortable to me last season), he could be a useful pitcher for the Jays this year.  So far he's only been used for 1 inning at a time, but being a converted starter with 5 pitches, you'd think he could be a solid long-reliever too. 

Today's song comes from a song by one of those obscure garage-type bands (though I've heard they were big in Germany for a little while)