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The Nucleus! That's Where it Hides: 3/26 Banter and Game(s) Thread, Rays at Jays

Hi everyone.  I don't think today's game is broadcast, but I figured we could use a game thread and a few notes anyway.  In honor of split squad day, today's title comes from "The Mitosis Waltz" by T-Dot's very own Moxy Fruvous.  Even though we all know that science and math can't actually be useful in our daily lives because we live in a universe of infinite probabilities. 

In a good news, bad news situation, Brandon Morrow threw a bullpen session today and felt good.  He'll make his start on Monday.  But Dustin McGowan (right shoulder fatigue) has been shut down for another two weeks.  He could be a few months away at best. 

The Jays lineup for the Dunedin game: 

Jose Bautista, 3b

Aaron Hill, 2b

Jeremy Reed, lf

Lyle Overbay, 1b

Chris Lubanski, rf

Michael McDade, dh

Seabass Gonzalez, ss

Raul Chavez, c

Joey Gathright, cf

Shaun Marcum, p


We also take on the Red Sox in the other half.  Feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss the games, today's news, and everything else under the sun. 

Also, I have been asked to remind folks to make their picks in the fantasy draft.