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Signs you have a crappy team....


  • You spend hours arguing about a 33 year old career minor leaguer playing time.
  • Your leadoff hitter has a career .308 OBP versus RHP.
  • Joey Gathright could make your team.
  • You start thinking John Buck might help this team.
  • You are more excited about a non-prospect memoirs coming out than you are about opening day. 
  • You argue over which journeyman lefty would make the better 5th starter.
  • Anytime you question your manager's decision making, you are reminded that he won the World Series.
  • You get excited over batting averages after the first week of spring games.
  • Your manager doesn't know the names of all his players.
  • Your second baseman takes a handful of walks in the first 5 spring games and you see it as a sign of growth. 
  • You spend more time discussing your number 4 starter's nicknames than you do his pitching. 
  • You actually care whether Raul Chavez or Jose Molina is the backup catcher.
  • Team writers talk about now how much better the clubhouse is since they traded away the best pitcher in baseball.
  • A player no one has seen, who might be 19, 20 or 21 years old, or some other age, is your SS of the future.