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Fifteen Things I Believe

  • Ricky Romero has an impressive career, and an impressive season, in front of him.  In 2010 he will cut his walks by almost a full walk/9 while keeping up his solid K rates and impressive ground ball rates.
  • Whatever Cito says, one way or another, Lyle Overbay will not be in the lineup on an everyday basis against left handed pitchers. 
  • Jose Bautista, useful player though he is, is stretched beyond his capabilities as an an everyday leadoff man and right fielder. 
  • Shaun Marcum will get back to baffling hitters with his array of quality pitches and pinpoint control as if nothing ever happened.  He'll give up his share of dingers, but will establish himself as a solid #2-3 starter again. 
  • The Jays' bullpen will be as much as a third of a run better than they were last season (4.08 ERA).
  • Vernon Wells has not had his last 25 home run season.
  • Marc Rzepczynski will establish himself as a decent major-league starter this year, but that will not be enough to secure him a job in the Jays' long-term rotation plans. 
  • Brian Tallet will not end May in the Jays' rotation.  Brett Cecil, however, will. 
  • Edwin Encarnacion will bring above-average offense from the third base spot.  However, the Jays will miss Scott Rolen big time on the defensive side of the ball. 
  • Adam Lind will enjoy another excellent season in 2010, albeit perhaps without 35 home runs, and will hit 50 doubles in a season before he turns 30.
  • Aaron Hill, too, will hit fewer home runs in 2010 but will improve as a hitter nonetheless.  
  • Kyle Drabek will never make the Jays' fans forget Roy Halladay, but will also make us never forget Kyle Drabek.  He will also start the Jays' first playoff game since 1993. 
  • Brett Wallace will be playing first base for the Jays by the season's end. 
  • Assuming Encarnacion is traded during or let go after the season, Brad Emaus and Scott Campbell could make a reasonably effective two-headed third baseman in a throwback to Jays' teams past - at least, until something better comes along. 
  • Roots Radical is as good as anything Operation Ivy ever did.  Well, darn close.   

Post the things you believe in the comments.