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With Every Mistake We Must Surely Be Learning: 3/29 Game Preview and Thread, Tigers at Blue Jays

I thought today's title was apropos given Tom's post this morning on what he's learned from his first foray into fantasy sports.  Also, my love of the Beatles was attacked yesterday in the comments, so today's title comes from the lovely George Harrison song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" from the White Album's disc one.   

Tom had a very good look at the Jays' bench this morning. 

Brandon Morrow is scheduled to pitch a few innings today in a minor league game.  He is still tentatively scheduled to pitch the Jays' third game of the season.  We'll see.  The Jays' major-league lineup:

Jose Bautista, rf

Aaron Hill, 2b

Adam Lind, dh

Vernon Wells, cf

Lyle Overbay, 1b

Edwin Encarnacion, 3b

Travis Snider, lf

Raul Chavez, c

John McDonald, ss

Swap out Chavez for Buck and McDonald for AGon, and there's a very real chance you're looking at the Jays' opening-day lineup, though it's possible Buck would hit before Moonraker. 

Dana Eveland will start today and is still looking to pitch his way onto the major league team.  Regrettably, today's game will not have any media coverage as far as I can tell.