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Would you trade Aaron Hill?

I picked up Baseball Prospectus 2010 and read the Blue Jays section. Some of it was interesting, a fair bit of JP bashing. They really don't like the trade of Michael Taylor for Brett Wallace. But in the Aaron Hill write up they say that even though he is signed to a very reasonable contract...

he's on the other side of 27 and is unlikely to ever have a better season. The rebuilding Jays should cash him in for prospects before he has a chance to be exposed.

I don't know. First of all, he won't be on the 'other side of 27' until the 21 of this month. Yeah he may have just had a career year but then you can't trade everyone that has a good season. Hill might not be as good this year as last, then again he might be. I didn't foresee a 36 home run season last year and I would bet on another this year, but he should be good. Even a team rebuilding needs to keep some players. It's not like Hill will be too old to play in 2 or 3 years when the team hopes to be contending again.

I guess it depends on what you would get for him, we do have holes in right field and short, maybe third, and if you traded Hill you'd have one at second as well. It seems like a lot to hope to get a good prospect for each of those spots just for Aaron Hill.

So I'll ask you guys the question, would you trade Aaron Hill and what would you like to get back?