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Thursday Bantering

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All the writers are complaining about how cold it is in Florida. Having suffered through a particularly cold Canadian winter, I can't tell you how sorry I feel for them. Because I don't. 

Today's batting order, from Jordan Bastian:

1. Mike McCoy, 2B
2. Jeremy Reed, CF
3. Brian Dopirak, DH
4. Randy Ruiz, 1B
5. Chris Lubanski, RF
6. Jarrett Hoffpauir, 3B
7. Jose Molina, C
8. Travis Snider, LF
9. John McDonald, SS

Pitching: Marc Rzepczynski

Apparently there is someone that Cito will bat below Moonraker, Johnny Mac gets no respect. There is a question for you, who would you say is the better hitter, Mac or Jose Molina? Nice to see McCoy at the top of the order, I hope he gets a good long look this spring. And I'm already cheering all out for Chris Lubanski, someone has to platoon with Bautista, you would hope.

Brett Cecil will not be pitching today, he cut his thump and will be pushed back a couple of days. 

The Globe (and everyone else, this is the story of the day) talks about how Ricky Romero would like to be the opening day starter. On yesterday's game:

The left-hander threw 29 pitches (17 for strikes) over his two innings of work and surrendered just two hits - including a solo home shot to Brent Dlugach.

Other than that fat fastball down the centre of the plate, Romero appeared solid, moving the ball around the plate and also using his curve and slider to good effect.

But the story also includes this line:

Brian Tallet, if he doesn't wind up in the bullpen, is another option for a top-of-the-rotation guy.

You know, I like Tallet and thought he did a pretty decent job last year, considering he came straight out of the bullpen into the starting rotation, without having time to get his arm stretched out for longer appearances. He did well until he wore down, having pitched far more innings than he ever had before in a major league season. But if he's our opening day starter, it is going to be a very long season..

The National Post has a story about Vernon Wells wanting to cut down on his swing from last season.

This spring, he says, he is focusing not on power but consistency: hitting the ball up the middle and in the outfield gaps. With a consistent swing, the power will return, he said.

"It's just about trying to undo all the bad habits I formed last year in my swing. That's what I've been working on every day, just getting back to driving the ball up the middle and having a more consistent swing over the whole season."

I can imagine a guy would be pressing in the middle of a bad year. All we can do is hope this year goes better.